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Long Work Support

Long work supports (shown at right) are available in any length required for your particular application. For heavy unbalanced work such as long bar feed operations, the work support is equipped with a bearing slide outrigger and drip pan.

Table Extension Push Plate

The table extension push plate is designed to maintain extended length work in alignment with the table plane and give the operator an additional control point for feeding the cut. This very popular item is dubbed the 'belly bar' by users and many operators use it, even when not necessary, claiming it gives them better control.

Custom Tables

The custom table in the above picture is an example of the many variations possible to fit your work holding requirements. The standard table is designed to fit most applications but if needed a custom table can be made to your specifications.

Power Feed Unit

The DYNACUT power feed unit is an air over oil logic system that quietly and efficiently feeds the table at infinitely adjustable speeds, within its power range, to maintain an even cutting pressure through the complete cut. The drive cylinder is located under the table with a unique drive clutch assembly allowing for total manual operation when required. The controls are located in a heavy steel enclosure on the side of the machine providing complete protection to the controls and unobstructed access to the operator. The system is designed so that operation is accomplished with a run button, stop button, and speed adjustment.

Basic power feed units are available with many options including auto part clamping, palm button safety sequencing, and full cycle sequencing (with custom fixtures).

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