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The Model 610 XHD series of machines was created to cut and grind hard materials with thin, 6" to 10" diamond wheels. Used either wet or dry, this machine lends itself to many applications where the length of the cut exceeds 6", or where small diameter, thin wheels are the most effective. Model 610 machines are custom designed to meet specific applications.

  • Up to 10" diameter cut-off or grinding wheels.
  • Cutting length determined by table configuration and job requirements.
    • Lengths to several feet are practical.
    • Manual travel, power feed or CNC available.
  • Construction of anodized aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Motors to 2 Hp; both AC constant speed and DC variable speed available.
  • Cartridge type spindle with ABEC 7 grade bearings, and labyrinth seal.
    • Stainless steel wheel flanges - several sizes available.
    • Lifetime factory lubrication.
    • Wheel guard and spindle lock designed for easy wheel change.
  • Through the spindle coolant system.
    • Ported wheel flanges direct coolant into wheel/work interface.
    • Hollow stainless steel spindle with durable rotary seal.
    • Pump and coolant reservoir installed as option.
    • Easily serviceable, non-clogging design.
  • Table -Standard: 1" thick anodized aluminum with t" slots and fence.
  • Spindles from utility grade to highest precision - custom designed and built to your requirements.
  • Special gang wheel spindles and accessories.
  • Power feeds - electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic, air/hydraulic.
  • Control systems - custom designed and built to your requirements - from simple to fully automatic.
  • Coolant and filtration systems.
  • Dust and/or mist collection systems - installed.
  • Tables -custom designed and built to your requirements:
    • Incorporate special fixtures or tooling.
    • Quick-change tables, for special jobs.
    • Adaptable to many "off the shelf" CNC tables and feeds.
Special Machines:

The basic design concepts used on the Model 610XHD have proven to be very adaptable to many cutting/sawing/grinding applications. Give us a call to discuss your unique needs. More than likely, we can build a machine in the 610XHD family to satisfy your requirements.
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Model 610XHD

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